Biblical Counseling

This specialization in Biblical Counseling will help you understand the tough issues people wrestle with today and use the Bible with confidence with those who need clear direction and could use some strong encouragement.

Biblical Counseling 101: Caring for People God’s Way

Unit 1: Introduction to Biblical Counseling
BCOU 101: Becoming a Christian Counselor – Tim Clinton
BCOU 102: Using Your Spiritual Gifts in Counseling – Ed Hindson
BCOU 103: Helping Others Find Significance in Counseling – Eric Scalise
BCOU 104: The Power of Truth – Leslie Vernick
BCOU 105: Overcoming Depression – Michael Lyles
BCOU 106: Surviving Sexual Abuse: On the Threshold of Hope – Diane Langberg

Unit 2: faith and life
BCOU 201: The Effective People Helper – Ian Jones
BCOU 202: Bringing People into God’s Presence – Ron Hawkins
BCOU 203: How to Help People Change – Gary Sibcy
BCOU 204: Heart Matters: Repentance and Godly Sorrow – Ed Hindson
BCOU 205: Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Past and Pain – Everett Worthington, Jr.
BCOU 206: The Spiritual Disciplines in Counseling – Siang-Yang Tan

Unit 3: Marriage and Family
BCOU 301: Marriage: Keeping the Love Alive – Linda Mintle
BCOU 302: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Foundation – Doug Rosenau
BCOU 303: Addiction & Recovery – Eric Scalise
BCOU 304: How Couples Lose at Love: Disaffection in Marriage – Tim Clinton
BCOU 305: Hope-focused Marriage Counseling – Everett Worthington, Jr.
BCOU 306: Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again – Tom Whiteman

Unit 4: Challenging Issues in Biblical Counseling
BCOU 401: Crisis Response and Intervention – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
BCOU 402: Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling Ministry – Jeanneane Maxon
BCOU 403: Breaking Generational Patterns – David Stoop
BCOU 404: Infidelity: Stabilizing after the Affair – David Carder
BCOU 405: Pain & Suffering: Helping People in a Broken World – Eric Scalise
BCOU 406: Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction – Mark Laaser

Unit 5: Emerging Issues in Biblical Counseling
BCOU 501: Managing Stress and Anxiety – Archibald Hart
BCOU 502: Grief and Loss – H. Norman Wright
BCOU 503: Psychiatric Care and Medication – Paul Meier
BCOU 504: Financial Bondage: Strategies for Freedom – Bethany Palmer & Scott Palmer
BCOU 505: Anger Management – Tim Clinton
BCOU 506: The Helping Process: Basic Skills & Practice – Ken Nichols


Biblical Counseling 201: Evidence-Based Christian Counseling

EBC 101: Introduction and Overview – Harold Koenig
EBC 102: Definitions: A Thorny Issue – Harold Koenig
EBC 103: The Evidence Base: Research on Religion, Mental, and Social Health – Harold Koenig
EBC 104: The Evidence Base: Behavioral and Physical Health – Harold Koenig
EBC 105: Identifying Problems Treatable by Counseling – Harold Koenig
EBC 106: Christian Counseling for Depression/Anxiety – Part 1 – Harold Koenig
EBC 107: Christian Counseling for Depression/Anxiety – Part 2 – Harold Koenig
EBC 108: Moral Injury in the Setting of Life Trauma – Harold Koenig
EBC 109: Christian Counseling for Moral Injury – Part 1 – Harold Koenig
EBC 110: Christian Counseling for Moral Injury – Part 2 – Harold Koenig
EBC 111: Christian Counseling for Moral Injury – Part 3 – Harold Koenig
EBC 112: The Key to Successful Counseling: The Counselor – Harold Koenig
Crisis Response and Trauma Care

This specialization in Crisis Response and Trauma Care prepares leaders to come alongside those who are hurting to help properly and adequately respond when a crisis happens. The good news is God is always in our trouble, and He has no greater plan than work through His people as a conduit to tell them that He will make a way.

Crisis Response and Trauma Care 101: Crisis and First Responder Training

CRFR 101: Trauma and Crisis Care: Why We Serve – Diane Langberg
CRFR 102: Crisis Response: An Overview of Emergency Mental Health and Chaplaincy – Jennifer Cisney Ellers, Tom Webb and Jim Nelms
CRFR 103: The Ethics and Protocol of Crisis Care – Jim Nelms
CRFR 104: Collateral Damage: Firestorms of Faith – Ken Nichols
CRFR 105: Crisis Theory and Assessment – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Joshua Straub
CRFR 106: A Theology of Suffering and the “Crisis of Faith” – Ron Hawkins
CRFR 107: Stability after Crisis: The First Seven Days – Kevin Ellers
CRFR 108: Getting Plugged In: The Logistics of Responding to Crisis and Disaster – Kevin Ellers and Jennifer Cisney Ellers
CRFR 109: Death Notification and Family Assistance – Gregory Young
CRFR 110: Suicide: Coping with the Aftermath – Tom Webb
CRFR 111: Children and Crisis – Jim Nelms
CRFR 112: Ambassadors of Faith and the Ministry of Presence – Charlie Davidson
CRFR 113: Coping with Traumatic Memory – Diane Langberg (audio lesson)
CRFR 114: Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Michael Lyles (audio lesson)
CRFR 115: Helping Others Recover from Trauma and Loss – H. Norman Wright (audio lesson)


Crisis Response and Trauma Care 201: Acute Stress, Grief and Trauma

CRAS 101: Introduction to Crisis Counseling – Tim Clinton, Bob Dees and Diane Langberg
CRAS 102: Grief, Loss and Complicated Grief – Eric Scalise
CRAS 103: Trauma and Abuse – Diane Langberg
CRAS 104: Anxiety and Depression – Archibald Hart
CRAS 105: Trauma and Attachment – Gary Sibcy
CRAS 106: Counseling Strategies – Eric Scalise, Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Kevin Ellers
CRAS 107: Impact Dynamics of Crisis and Trauma – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
CRAS 108: Methods and Techniques for Immediate Response – Thomas Webb
CRAS 109: Peer Support and Accountability – Joshua Straub
CRAS 110: Survivor Guilt and Fostering Resiliency – Kevin Ellers
CRAS 111: Managing the High Cost of Care – Eric Scalise
CRAS 112: Community Response and Cultural Differences – Leroy Scott and Pat Miersma
Marriage and Family

This specialization in Marriage and Family helps leaders learn that life is all about relationships – but getting them right can be difficult. We are recruiting an army of influencers and leaders to create a culture of blessing in homes, churches and businesses around the world.

Marriage and Family 101: Building a Solid Foundation

Module 1
MFRL 205-101: Welcome and Course Introduction – James Dobson and Ryan Dobson
MFRL 205-102: Building A Family Legacy: Your Legacy – James Dobson
MFRL 205-103: Foundational Concepts of Marital and Family Therapy – Linda Mintle
MFRL 205-104: The Foundation of Society – James Dobson
MFRL 205-105: While They’re Young – James Dobson

Module 2
MFRL 205-201: Building A Family Legacy #2: Wanting To Believe – James Dobson
MFRL 205-202: Family Development and Conceptualization of Family Functioning – Linda Mintle
MFRL 205-203: Keys to a Healthy Marriage – James Dobson
MFRL 205-204: Terrible Twos – James Dobson

Module 3
MFRL 205-301: Building A Family Legacy #3: Bringing Up Boys – James Dobson
MFRL 205-302: Parenting Newborns and Those Early Years I – Meg Meeker
MFRL 205-303: Parenting Newborns and Those Early Years II – Meg Meeker
MFRL 205-304: Communication in the Family – James Dobson
MFRL 205-305: Time with Children – James Dobson

Module 4
MFRL 205-401: Building A Family Legacy #4: Bringing up Girls – James Dobson
MFRL 205-402: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality I – Meg Meeker
MFRL 205-403: Parenting 101: From Discipline to Sexuality II – Meg Meeker
MFRL 205-404: Be There Dad – James Dobson
MFRL 205-405: How Dads Shape Kids – James Dobson

Module 5
MFRL 205-501: Building A Family Legacy #5: The Strong Willed Child – James Dobson
MFRL 205-502: Being there For Your Son I – Steve Farrar
MFRL 205-503: Being There for Your Son II – Steve Farrar
MFRL 205-504: Stress and the Human Body – James Dobson
MFRL 205-505: Actions Lead to Consequences – James Dobson

Module 6
MFRL 205-601: Building A Family Legacy #7: Straight Talk to Men – James Dobson
MFRL 205-602: The Silent Struggle of Infertility and Miscarriage – Eric Scalise
MFRL 205-603: Beating the Baby Blues – Meg Meeker
MFRL 205-604: How to Tell Your Kids about Adoption – James Dobson
MFRL 205-605: Keeping Grandparents Close – James Dobson

Module 7
MFRL 205-701: Building A Family Legacy #7: Dare to Discipline – James Dobson
MFRL 205-702: Making Marriage Last – Scott Stanley
MFRL 205-703: Single Parent Blues – James Dobson
MFRL 205-704: The Broken Family Epidemic – James Dobson

Module 8
MFRL 205-801: Building A Family Legacy #8: Love for a Lifetime – James Dobson
MFRL 205-802: The Seven Habits of a Healthy Marriage – Eric Scalise
MFRL 205-803: Growing Up with Values – James Dobson


Marriage and Family 201: Love and Relationships

Module 1
MFRL 207-101: Welcome and Course Introduction – James Dobson and Ryan Dobson
MFRL 207-102: Falling in Love – Tony Wheeler
MFRL 207-103: The First Years of Marriage I – Robert Wolgemuth and Bobbie Wolgemuth
MFRL 207-104: The First Years of Marriage II – Robert Wolgemuth and Bobbie Wolgemuth
MFRL 207-105: Love is Like a Rose – James Dobson
MFRL 207-106: Dating Your Mate – James Dobson

Module 2
MFRL 207-201: Creating A Safe Haven Marriage: Building Emotional Closeness and Safety – Sharon May
MFRL 207-202: Building a Safe Haven in Marriage I – Archibald Hart and Sharon May
MFRL 207-203: Building a Safe Haven in Marriage II – Archibald Hart and Sharon May
MFRL 207-204: To Build a Fire – James Dobson
MFRL 207-205: Anticipating Problems in Marriage – James Dobson

Module 3
MFRL 207-301: How Couples Lose at Love: Battling Disaffection in Marriage – Tim Clinton
MFRL 207-302: Creating a Win-Win Marriage: Communication, Conflicts and Decisions – Eric Scalise
MFRL 207-303: The Comparison Trap – James Dobson
MFRL 207-304: Fatigue and Time Pressures – James Dobson

Module 4
MFRL 207-401: Love Languages – Gary Chapman
MFRL 207-402: The Challenge of Communication – John Trent
MFRL 207-403: Loving Toughness – James Dobson
MFRL 207-404: Divorce Equals Disease – James Dobson

Module 5
MFRL 207-501: Women and Sex: Freeing Women to Embrace Sexuality – Cliff Penner and Joyce Penner
MFRL 207-502: Sexuality and the Search for Intimacy – Tony Wheeler
MFRL 207-503: Regenerate Romantic Feelings – James Dobson
MFRL 207-504: More Sparks in Marriage – James Dobson

Module 6
MFRL 207-601: Hope Focused Marriage Counseling – Everett Worthington, Jr.
MFRL 207-602: The Languages of Apology: Regret, Responsibility, Restitution, Repentance & Requesting – Gary Chapman
MFRL 207-603: High Voltage Marriage – James Dobson
MFRL 207-604: Crossing the Barbed Wire Fence – James Dobson

Module 7
MFRL 207-701: The Woman’s Role in Marriage – Dorothy Patterson
MFRL 207-702: Going All Out for Your Wife I – Steve Farrar
MFRL 207-703: Going All Out for Your Wife II – Steve Farrar
MFRL 207-704: Learning to Fight Fair – James Dobson
MFRL 207-705: Mystique in Marriage – James Dobson

Module 8
MFRL 207-801: The Necessary Nine: Staying Happily Married for a Lifetime – Dan Seaborn
MFRL 207-802: Marriage: Keeping Love Alive – Tim Clinton
MFRL 207-803: Forgiveness – James Dobson
MFRL 207-804: Dream Big Dreams – James Dobson

Life Recovery

Our dynamic Life Recovery Coaching specialization is anchored by two distinct courses focusing on a biblically based application of the 12-Step model and Christian recovery principles. As a Mental Health Coach, do not miss this incredible resource to be equipped and more effectively serve those on the path to recovery.

Life Recovery Coaching 101: The 12 Steps of Life Recovery

LRC Step 01: Admitting Powerlessness and the Unmanageability of the Problem – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 02: The Role of Faith in the Restoration of Sanity – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 03: The Decision and Willingness to Surrender – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 04: Life Assessment: A Fearless Moral Inventory – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 05: Admitting One’s Wrongs – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 06: Allowing God to Remove Character Defects – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 07: Removing Inadequacies: The Humble Request – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 08: Making the List – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 09: Making Appropriate Amends – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 10: Continuing the Personal Inventory – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 11: A New Level of Intimacy – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Step 12: Living and Relaying the Message – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop


Life Recovery Coaching 201: The 12 Laws of Life Recovery

LRC Law 01: Powerlessness – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 02: Humility – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 03: Connection – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 04: Willingness – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 05: Confession – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 06: Faith – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 07: Surrender – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 08: Service – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 09: Forgiveness – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 10: Restitution – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 11: Sacrifice – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
LRC Law 12: Responsibility – Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
Professional Life Coaching

This specialization in Professional Life Coaching is for leaders who look to provide accountability, discovery of God-given purpose, and encouragement towards intentional and purposeful living. This course is designed to provide an overview of the burgeoning field of life coaching. Caregivers will discover foundational principles of coaching, learn how to start a coaching business, and explore practical and scriptural aspects of life coaching. This course dives deeper into life coaching issues while still maintaining a biblical perspective. Discover your coaching niche and how to build clients.

Professional Life Coaching 101

MLC 101: Coaching: The New Helping Relationship – Dwight Bain and Catherine Hart Weber
MLC 102: Christian Coaching: Scriptural and Spiritual Foundations – Richard Eley, Katie Brazelton, Catherine Hart Weber and Sandra Dopf
MLC 103: Theory & Practice: Developing a Model for Effective Change – Georgia Shaffer
MLC 104: Relationships and Communication: Core Coaching Skills – Catherine Hart Weber
MLC 105: Facilitating Learning and Change: Advanced Coaching Skills – Georgia Shaffer
MLC 106: Assessment and Resources in Coaching – Richard Eley
MLC 107: Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards in Coaching – Dwight Bain
MLC 108: Coaching as Ministry and Spiritual Care – Katie Brazelton
MLC 109: The Business of Coaching – Dwight Bain
MLC 110: New Directions: Specialty Coaching – Catherine Hart Weber, Dwight Bain, Sandra Dopf, Katie Brazelton and Georgia Shaffer
MLC 111: Coaching for Creativity and Innovations – Catherine Hart Weber, Sylvia Frejd, Katie Brazelton, Georgia Shaffer, Sandra Dopf, Dwight Bain, Richard Eley and Jennifer Cisney Ellers
MLC 112: The Future of Christian Coaching – Dwight Bain
MLC Bonus Lesson: The Top Secrets to Marketing Success as a Coach – Dwight Bain


Professional Life Coaching 201

MLC 201: Christian Coaching Models: Finding What Works for You – Dwight Bain
MLC 202: Coaching Models: Skills and Roleplays – Sandra Dopf
MLC 203: Advanced Coaching Techniques: Blindspots and Breakthroughs – Georgia Shaffer
MLC 204: Coaching Clients for Life Focus: Personal and Professional Development – Richard Eley
MLC 205: Coaching Clients for Life Focus: God and Spiritual Development – Sylvia Frejd
MLC 206: New Positive Psychology Coaching: Exercises and Strategies – Catherine Hart Weber
MLC 207: Coaching Men – Dwight Bain
MLC 208: Coaching Women – Catherine Hart Weber, Georgia Shaffer, Katie Brazelton, Sandra Dopf and Sylvia Frejd
MLC 209: Niche Specific Coaching: Finding Your Purpose as a Coach – Katie Brazelton and Jeff Jernigan
MLC 210: The Coach-Client Relationship – Dwight Bain and Georgia Shaffer
MLC 211: Developing a Personal Strategic Action Plan – Dwight Bain
MLC 212: Therapist as Life Coach – Catherine Hart Weber
Addiction and Recovery

This specialization in Addiction and Recovery helps leaders recognize that addiction is now one of the top public health issue in the United States. Addiction can tear apart individuals and families and destroy lives. As Christians, God wants us to be His instruments of healing and restoration for those caught in the chains of addiction. The good news is that with today’s incredible medical and scientific advances that have refined the way we understand addictions, and with the application of spiritual transformation and renewal, we can offer real hope.

Addiction and Recovery 101

Unit 1: Addiction and Addicts: Foundational Principles
ADAR 101: Addictions and Recovery: An Introduction – Tim Clinton
ADAR 102: Theology and Addiction – Ron Hawkins
ADAR 103: Models of Addiction – David Jenkins
ADAR 104: The Neurobiology of Addiction – Mark Lasser and Todd Clements
ADAR 105: The Addictive Cycle – Eric Scalise
ADAR 106: Trauma and Addiction – Jennifer Cisney Ellers, Gary Sibcy and Daniel Amen

Unit 2: Chemical Dependency and Addiction
ADAR 201: Biological Aspects of Chemical Dependency and Addiction – Michael Lyles
ADAR 202: Depressants – Michael Lyles
ADAR 203: Perscription Drug Abuse – Michael Lyles
ADAR 204: Stimulants – Michael Lyles
ADAR 205: Hallucinogenics – Todd Clements
ADAR 206: Inhalants – Todd Clements

Unit 3: Behavioral and Process Addictions
ADAR 301: Sexual Addiction – Mark Laaser
ADAR 302: Eating Disorders and Food Addiction – Linda Mintle
ADAR 303: Gambling Addiction – Greg Jantz
ADAR 304: Adrenaline Addiction – Arch Hart
ADAR 305: Spiritual Addiction/Abuse – Ken Nichols
ADAR 306: Performance Addictions: The Search for Significance – Eric Scalise and Jennifer Cisney Ellers


Addiction and Recovery 201

Unit 4: Treatment Issues and Protocols
ADAR 401: Models of Treatment – David Jenkins and Paris Finner-Williams
ADAR 402: Screening, Assessment, and Referral – Marian Eberly and Paris Finner-Williams
ADAR 403: Dual Diagnosis and Comorbidity – Gary Sibcy
ADAR 404: The Obsessive-Compulsive Continuum – Gary Sibcy
ADAR 405: Adolescents and Addictions – Leroy Scott, Jr.
ADAR 406: Spiritual Applications – Eric Scalise

Unit 5: Recovery and Transformation
ADAR 501: Beyond Codependency – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Debra Laaser
ADAR 502: The Family and Recovery – David Stoop
ADAR 503: Marital Recovery from Addiction – Mark Laaser and Debra Laaser
ADAR 504: Step-based Approaches and Relapse Prevention – John Baker
ADAR 505: Legal/Ethical Issues & Social Policy – Paris Finner-Williams
ADAR 506: Biblical Transformation and Renewal – Eric Scalise

Grief and Loss

This specialization in Grief and Loss helps leaders hear compelling stories and case examples, gain insightful and practical information, understand strategic interventions for those grieving, and learn how to walk alongside those who are in deep mourning. As the grief process can come in relentless waves filled with various, intense emotions, this program will provide the necessary tools to help serve, support, and encourage those who are struggling.


Grief and Loss 101: Introduction to Grief and Loss

GAL 101: A Time to Weep: Biblical Foundations for Grief and Loss – Jared Pingleton
GAL 102: Bereavement, Grief, and Mourning: Understanding the Fundamentals – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Kevin Ellers
GAL 103: From Children to the Elderly: Grief Across the Life Cycle – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GAL 104: Grieving Styles: Moving Beyond Gender Stereotypes of Grief – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Kevin Ellers
GAL 105: Cultural Competency in Grief Work – Eric Scalise, Mark Crear, Elias Moitinho and Sabrina Black
GAL 106: Why God: Spiritual Assessment with the Bereaved – Kevin Ellers
GAL 107: The Neurology of Grief: The Impact of Loss on the Brain – Linda Mintle
GAL 108: Grief Following Trauma: Identifying the Connection – David Jenkins GAL 109: When the Pain Lingers: Dealing with Long-term Grief – Jennifer Cisney Ellers GAL 110: From Mourning to Morning: Effective Counsel, Care, and Companionship – Eric Scalise
GAL 111: Using the Backdoor: Experiential Techniques in Grief Counseling – Eric Scalise and Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GAL 112: Disenfranchised Grief: When Your Pain Doesn’t Seem to Matter – Jennifer Cisney Ellers


Grief and Loss 201: Introduction to Grief and Loss

GAL 201: Stages of Development: When Children and Adolescents Experience Loss – Joshua Straub
GAL 202: Putting the Pieces Together: Grief and the Family System – Bob DeVries and Susan Zonnebelt-Smengee
GAL 203: Grief, Health, and Wellbeing: Comorbidity and Mental Disorders – Linda Mintle
GAL 204: When Tragedy Strikes: The Death of a Child – H. Norman Wright
GAL 205: Loss in Marriage: Helping Couples Grieve Together – Jared Pingleton
GAL 206: When the Quiver is Empty: Grieving Infertility, Miscarriage or Still Birth – Eric Scalise
GAL 207: Broken Vows: The Grief of Divorce – Georgia Shaffer and Kevin Ellers
GAL 208: Til Death Do Us Part: The Loss of a Spouse – Bob DeVries and Susan Zonnebelt-Smengee
GAL 209: They’re Gone: When Adult Children Lose a Parent – Jennifer Cisney Ellers, Dina Jones, H. Norman Wright, Ev Worthington, Jr. and David Jenkins
GAL 210: No Goodbyes: Grieving a Suicide – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GAL 211: Beyond the Tears: Treating Complicated Grief – Eric Scalise and Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GAL 212: A Picture of Healing: Examples of Recovery from Loss – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
Suicide Prevention

This specialization in Suicide Prevention helps leaders recognize that no word brings more alarm, fear, pain, or concern than suicide. The statistics surrounding suicide are alarming: Over 40,000 Americans die by suicide every year. These are hurting people who desperately need our help. This innovative curriculum offers what you need to incorporate effective prevention and intervention strategies for your practice or ministry! Cutting-edge techniques include the SAFE-T method and are designed to help educate and equip you.


Suicide 101

SUI 101: The Dynamics of Suicide: What, Why, Who and How – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
SUI 102: Choosing to Die: A Model of Understanding – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
SUI 103: A Theology of Suicide: Biblical Principles and a Christian Response – Frank Page
SUI 104: Mental Illness and the Epidemiology of Suicide – Linda Mintle
SUI 105: The Digital World, Sociology and Suicide Risk – Sylvia Frejd and Catherine Hart Weber
SUI 106: The Ethics of Suicide Intervention – Miriam Parent
SUI 107: Suicide Prevention and Intervention with Adults – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Eric Scalise
SUI 108: Suicide Prevention and Intervention with Adolescents – Joshua Straub
SUI 109: Conducting a Suicide Assessment: Using the Safe-T Model (with role plays) – Gary Sibcy
SUI 110: Families in Crisis: The First 48 Hours Following Suicide – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Kevin Ellers
SUI 111: Grieving a Suicide: Long-term Support for Survivors and Loved Ones – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Eric Scalise
SUI 112: Caregivers in Crisis: When Clients Take Their Lives – Jennifer Cisney Ellers and Eric Scalise


Suicide 201

SUI 201: The Changing Tide of Teen Suicide – Joshua Straub
SUI 202: Teen Suicide and Self-injury – Amy Feigel and Molly Catherine Goodson
SUI 203: Helping Teens in Crisis – Joshua Straub
SUI 204: Combat Stress, PTSD, Reintegration and Suicide – Glen Bloomstrom
SUI 205: Military Suicide, Prevention and Intervention: What You Need to Know – Glen Bloomstrom
SUI 206: The Impact of Suicide on Military Marriages and Families – David Mikkelson and Suzanne Mikkelson
SUI 207: The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma, Grief and Loss — Part 1 – Daniel Sweeney
SUI 208: The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma, Grief and Loss — Part 2 – Daniel Sweeney
SUI 209: Restoring the Shattered Self: Treatment of Complex Trauma – Heather Gingrich
SUI 210: Elderly Suicide and Homicide – Linda Mintle
SUI 211: Passive Suicide and Self-Neglect – Kathie Erwin
SUI 212: Trauma Related Suicide Risks for Older Veterans – Kathie Erwin
Gerontology – Caring For Seniors God’s Way

This specialization in Gerontology helps leaders recognize thatone of the most significant and challenging populations over the next 20 years has to do with aging; what some call the golden years and others call the not so golden years. It’s the study and practice of gerontology. If you work with, have influence on, or have family members in their later years, this dynamic course is for you! Our goal is to help you understand the tough issues the elderly wrestle with today and confidently use the Bible when working with those who need clear direction, support and encouragement.


Gerontology – Caring for Seniors God’s Way 101

GERO 101: Introduction to Gerontology and Aging – Kathie Erwin and Dwight Bain
GERO 102: Demographics of Aging: Life Expectancy and Social Issues – Rich Caricciolo with Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GERO 103: Multicultural Issues of Aging – Elias Moitinho, Melvin Pride, Gemma Sohn and Eric Scalise
GERO 104: Quality of Life and Health Assessments – Dwight Bain
GERO 105: Acute and Chronic Illness in Aging – Tim Jennings
GERO 106: The Aging Brain and Related Memory Loss – Daniel Amen with Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GERO 107: Behavior Challenges and Personality Changes Associated with Alzheimers and Dementia – Kathie Erwin
GERO 108: Short and Long-Term Disability in Aging – Tim Jennings
GERO 109: Assisted Living and Long-Term Care – Rich Caricciolo with Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GERO 110: Financial Issues of Aging: Estate Planning Basics – Stephen D. Lentz
GERO 111: Ethical Issues and Elder Abuse – Eric Scalise
GERO 112: Faith and Spirituality in Aging – Michael Parker


Gerontology – Caring for Seniors God’s Way 201

GERO 201: Multiple Losses and Issues in Aging – Kathie Erwin
GERO 202: Loss of a Spouse – H. Norman Wright
GERO 203: Elderly Suicide and Homicide – Linda Mintle
GERO 204: Life Review and Aging – Michael Parker
GERO 205: Financial Issues of Aging: Long-term Care – Stephen D. Lentz
GERO 206: Financial Issues of Aging: Medicare, Medigap and Medicaid – Stephen D. Lentz
GERO 207: End-of-Life: Family Issues and Decision Making – Linda Mintle
GERO 208: Palliative Care and Dying – Jack Galle
GERO 209: Grief, Loss and Family Bereavement – H. Norman Wright
GERO 210: Family Caregiving: Illness and Disability – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GERO 211: Family Caregiving and Resources in Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Jennifer Cisney Ellers
GERO 212: Caregiving, Compassion Fatigue and Self-care – Eric Scalise