Treating Sexual Addictions


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There are 15 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

Treating Sexual Addictions is designed to help counselors become actively aware of the issues, challenges, and effective treatment strategies for sexual addictions in order to offer a healing path to those caught in this web of consuming desire and destruction. Featuring leading experts like Dr. Mark Laaser, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Marnie Ferree, caregivers learn how to deal with this complex and challenging area of care.

Course Lessons

  • SAD 101: Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction I
  • SAD 102: Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction II
  • SAD 103: Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction III
  • SAD 104: Sex on the Brain: The Neurochemistry of Sexual Addiction
  • SAD 105: Sexual Healing: Breaking Free from Guilt, Shame and the Past
  • SAD 106: Female Sexual Addiction
  • SAD 107: Restoring Marital Intimacy
  • SAD 108: Spouse Recovery
  • SAD 109: Couples Counseling
  • SAD 110: The Seven Desires of the Heart
  • SAD 111: Every Man’s Battle
  • SAD 112: Accountability – The Book of Nehemiah
  • SAD 113: Special Populations: Sex Offenders
  • SAD 114: Special Populations: Homosexuality
  • SAD 115: Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction

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