The Loneliness Epidemic 2.0

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Our society today is facing a new mental health challenge and crisis – an epidemic of loneliness. Social isolation is not only a problem for elders or those who may be stuck at home; it is also a prevalent issue among Gen-Z and Millennials. Genesis 2:18 tells us that “It is not good that man should be alone.” We were made for relationship. The Loneliness Epidemic 2.0 will help counselors learn and develop practical tools to understand and combat loneliness in today’s society.

Course Lesson.

TLE 101: The Loneliness Epidemic: The New Mental Health Crisis

Mark Mayfield, Ph.D., LPC

Our society today is facing a new mental health crisis – the epidemic of loneliness. This is a prevalent issue, especially among Gen-Z and Millenials. It is not good for people to be alone, they need to be seen, heard and valued. When we seek attention, but no one is paying attention, we just give up and loneliness sets in. This lesson looks at the ideas of this underlying crisis, the side effects to loneliness, and the comorbidity of mental and physical health. The speaker touches on what we need to change as a society and gives practical tools for helping combat this epidemic. This is an issue that is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

TLE 102: Tribalism and Social Media and the Impact of Loneliness

Mark Mayfield, Ph.D., LPC

This lesson continues looking at the new mental health crisis – the epidemic of loneliness. The speaker goes through how tribalism and social media contribute to loneliness factors. The reckless power and emboldened nature of social media further exacerbate the mob mentality and tribalism, which in turn increases isolation. The lesson touches on consequences and solutions to the issue of tribalism so that the art of conversation is not lost forever.

TLE 103: Kids & Teens in Isolation

Mark Mayfield, Ph.D., LPC

There is a growing pervasiveness of isolation and loneliness among kids and teens today. The statistics of teen anxiety, depression and suicides are staggering. We need to help kids know they are needed, valued and loved. This lesson will discuss how to help teens not fall victim to the loneliness epidemic. The speaker offers tools that parents can use to help their children navigate life. It is vital to help kids and teens know their identity and purpose and offer them hope.