SIPR: Suicide Prevention, Assessment, Intervention & Recovery


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


The Suicide PAIR Certification Program offers everything you need to incorporate effective prevention & intervention strategies in your practice or ministry! PAIR Certification ( Prevention, Assessment, Intervention & Recovery ) will equip you to assess risk factors & intervene in times of crisis.


  • 12 video lectures plus 2 bonus lessons
  • Comprehensive work text , complete with detailed notes

Introduction and Overview to “PAIR” Certification
SIPR 101: The Dynamics of Suicide: What, Why, Who, and How
SIPR 102: Choosing to Die: A Model of Understanding
SIPR 103: A Theology of Suicide: Biblical Principles and a Christian Response
SIPR 104: Mental Illness and the Epidemiology of Suicide
SIPR 105: The Digital World, Sociology and Suicide Risk
SIPR 106: The Ethics of Suicide Intervention
SIPR 107: Suicide Prevention and Intervention with Adults
SIPR 108: Suicide Prevention and Intervention with Adolescents
SIPR 109: Conducting a Suicide Assessment: Using the Safe-T Model (with role-plays for mental health leaders)
SIPR 110: Families in Crisis: The First 48 Hours Following Suicide
SIPR 111: Grieving a Suicide: Long-term Support for Survivors and Loved Ones
SIPR 112: Caregivers in Crisis: When Clients Take Their Lives