Money & Financial Management: What You Need to Know 2.0 (On Demand Video)

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Based on a lifetime of financial leadership and stewardship, Ron Blue, a deeply respected pioneer and voice in today’s world shares his collective biblical wisdom and practical advice on money and financial management

MFM 101:  Money management 101

Ron Blue, MBA

Building on over 50 years of working in the financial services world, Ron Blue has developed the case that the only rational approach to money and money management is a biblical worldview approach. This lesson will explore this approach, which works for all people in every circumstance of life. Ron Blue will explain his guide to biblical financial decision making and present an effective tool counselors can utilize with their clients.

MFM 102: Talking About Money: What It Is and What You Need To Know

Ron Blue, MBA

In this lesson, Ron Blue presents a one-page diagnostic tool that can be used to focus on effective and specific financial issues, questions, and concerns. Focusing a couple on this tool will facilitate understanding and communication between partners. This session will also provide listeners with a series of questions that can be asked to clients in order to help them evaluate their financial situation.

MFM 103:  Money Relationships

Ron Blue, MBA, Robbie Sherill

Money issues are a common theme in counseling. This session features an interview between counselor Robbie Sherrill and financial planner Ron Blue discussing real-life situations and scenarios that they have faced in their respective careers.


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