MFCO 503: Love, Sex, and Relationship


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


Often, the only time the church realizes that there are problems within the relational intimacy of its couples is when marital separation or divorce occurs. The areas of sex and intimacy have long been viewed by the church as taboo, but the Bible has much to say about what healthy marital intimacy should look like, and how to achieve it. This course tackles this difficult, but extremely important subject, and will help students build strength in their own marriage relationships, as well as prepare them to help others achieve healthy sexual intimacy in marriage.

Module 1 – Healthy Foundations of Sexual Relationships
Module 2 – Male and Female He Created Them
Module 3 – Building Intimacy
Module 4 – Problem Solving: Retroactive and Proactive Solutions
Module 5 – Staying Happily Married