Managing Fear, Stress and Anxiety 2.0 (On Demand Videos)

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The burdens and challenge of fear, increasing stress in today’s world, resulting in anxiety, and the weight of anxiety disorders can become overwhelming for a lot of people. In this series, we take a dynamic look at understanding and managing these areas, anchoring our hope in the one who loves and cares for us no matter what comes our way.



MSA 101:  Fear Knots of Your Heart: Faith over Fear

Ken Nichols, Psy.D.


Fear is a natural response to certain events we face but often keeps us from enjoying life or taking the actions necessary to overcome our challenges. However, by summoning spiritual faith, personal courage, and practical strategies, we can transform the “Fear Knots” of our hearts into the “Fear Nots” found in God’s promises.



MSA 102:  Managing Stress and Anxiety: Overcoming Fear, Phobias and Panic Disorder

Archibald Hart, Ph.D.


Stress and anxiety are the most common emotional problems in America today. This lesson will discuss how often these two conditions affect a person’s life and health, both spiritually and physically. It will also provide counselors with steps to managing stress and reducing anxiety so that they will be able to better help those who are hurting. This lesson will prepare Christian caregivers to better acknowledge the stressors in their own lives and the lives of their clients and equip them to manage stress more effectively. Dr. Hart will discuss the importance of reducing adrenaline and getting adequate sleep to combat stress.



MSA 103:  Anxiety: Caring Well

Shannon Wolf, Ph.D.


Anxiety is a normal response to threats and dangers from the environment. Occasionally, anxiety reactions occur when there is no danger or threat. These reactions cause people to suffer and impair daily functioning. Should anxiety become excessive for an extended time, an anxiety disorder may result. Currently, anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health concerns people face. This presentation will look at the features of anxiety disorders and distinctly Christian techniques that aid in the treatment of this group of disorders.




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