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This course is designed to introduce people to the 12 Laws of Life Recovery. These irrefutable laws go beyond the 12-Steps and introduce some new words and profoundly biblical concepts that will shed new light on the distinctives of Christian recovery. They also point to the evidence of recovery: the fruit of adhering to these requirements, that without them, recovery is incomplete.

Course Lessons

  • LRC 201: Law One – PowerlessnessLaws are a part of human existence, whether through laws of nature, biblical laws, or modern civil laws. We live by laws. When entering the recovery of addiction process, clients need to understand how laws apply to restoration. Using the 12-steps as a model, presenters Stoop and Arterburn discuss how laws apply to recovery.
  • LRC 202: Law Two—HumilityIn this presentation, Stephen Arterburn discusses the second law of life recovery: humility. He describes it as a requirement to the second step, which bears the outcome of honor – something all individuals desire in life.
  • LRC 203: Law Three—ConnectionConnection is a vital part of life itself. When we fail to connect, we lose at so many areas in life, particularly relationships. Stoop and Arterburn explore and describe the importance of connection and how individuals can overcome the struggle to connect.
  • LRC 204: Law Four—WillingnessIn this presentation, Steve Arterburn continues his discussion of the twelve laws with law four, the law of willingness. Being willing involves being open to change. Unfortunately, a person may only become willing after a tragedy or hitting “rock bottom.”
  • LRC 205: Law Five— ConfessionThe Law of Confession is the fifth law in the Twelve Laws of Life Recovery. Dr. David Stoop discusses the importance of confession to God and other believers. Dr. Stoop defines healthy confession and provides examples of how, when and to whom to confess one’s sins. Biblical examples of confession will be provided, as well as the health and relational benefits of confession.
  • LRC 206: Law Six—FaithThe sixth law of Life Recovery is the Law of Faith. The result of faith is hope and in having both, we will not suffer from disappointment on the road to recovery. Distinguishing between trials and temptation is a key element to growing in faith.
  • LRC 207: Law Seven—SurrenderThe seventh step in finding life recovery is surrender. The requirement of surrender will always result in victory. The requirement necessary is to give up your own will and surrender to God’s will. This is vital in addictions recovery.
  • LRC 208: Law Eight—ServiceThe eighth law in the Twelve Laws of Recovery is the Law of Service. In this session, Dr. David Stoop and Stephen Arterburn discuss service to others and a life on mission. A definition and examples of service will be provided, as well as practical tips for those going through recovery to heal and serve.
  • LRC 209: Law Nine—ForgivenessWhen we do not forgive others or ourselves, there are a lot of physiological, emotional, and spiritual problems that could stem for holding onto bitterness. The presenters will discuss misconceptions about forgiveness; such as forgiveness must be quick, it condones evil, and that one must forget about the wrong done.
  • LRC 210: Law Ten—RestitutionRestitution is the act of repaying someone for how you have wronged them in the past. This behavior has many benefits for one’s life. However, we are taught in the Bible to seek restitution. The presenters help learners understand the importance of restitution, both to God and to others.
  • LRC 211: Law Eleven—SacrificeSacrifice is about giving up what you have irreverently valued and giving that area back to God and others. We should not expect anything in return for sacrifice, but should be moved to freely give. Dr. Stoop and Steve Arterburn help learners understand the importance of sacrifice in order to find fulfillment and turn from addiction.
  • LRC 212: Law Twelve—ResponsibilityThe final installment to the 12 Laws, the vitally important law of responsibility is discussed by Dr. Stoop and Steve Arterburn. Responsibility is not a burden, it is a safety you can provide yourself with to guard addictions and pain from determining your life’s trajectory.

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