Cultural Competency


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There are 3 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

Developed by the Multicultural Division leadership team, this program is designed to help increase your sensitivity to, awareness of, and effectiveness in counseling African-Americans. Cultural Competency addresses how counselors and the church can best minister to the needs of the African-American community.

Course Lessons

  • CCT 101: Personal Identity Issues Within the African American Culture

    This lecture will define and address the fission of self-identity, group-identity, ethnicity, culture, and our Christian faith on the cognitive development and mental well-being of African-Americans.

  • CCT 102: Perceptions of Domestic Violence Within the African-American Culture

    Although empirical research has accumulated over the past 20 years regarding African Americans and domestic violence, many questions remain about African American perceptions of domestic violence. This panel discussion will discuss intimate partner violence (IPV) as a major public health issue for women, children and men within the African American culture.

  • CCT 103: Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in African American Populations

    Though often viewed as a personal and temporary issue, depression can lead to long-term physical and emotional damage if left untreated. Dr. Lyles points out the physiological causes and presenting symptoms of depression in the African American population. Examining depression in the context of culture yields great insight into the unique struggles facing African Americans battling major depression.

  • CCT 104: Counseling Ministry for African American Families Impacted by Incarceration

    This model engages congregations in beginning the work of reintegration by identifying families within their own membership who have loved ones in jail or prison, and provides the resources of the congregation for their ongoing care, support and reconciliation.

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