CRTC 502: Acute Stress, Grief, and Trauma


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


Studies suggest that four in every five persons will experience some form of acute stress or trauma in their lives.  The psychological, emotional, and spiritual side effects can be devastating.   How can the counselor offer help, support, and healing to those experiencing PTSD from war, attack, or traumatic accidents?  What are the circumstances warranting counseling “first-aid” and how does the counselor skillfully and compassionately meet that immediate need?  The issues, strategies, and techniques discussed in this course will prepare the student to effectively serve those experiencing the debilitating effects of acute stress and trauma, and foster healing in those experiencing ongoing grief from traumatic events.

Module 1 –  Understanding Grief, Loss, & Trauma
Module 2 – Focused Strategies
Module 3 – When Help Cannot Wait
Module 4 – Peer Support & Survivor Guilt
Module 5 – Best Practices: Self-care & Cross Cultural Care