CRTC 501: Introduction to Crisis Response


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


With over 80% of Americans experiencing some sudden loss, crisis, or trauma in their lives, the need for crisis counseling has never been greater.  Since these events, by nature, are unexpected, the counselor needs to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and practically prepared to respond on short notice.  The psychological, emotional, and spiritual side effects can be devastating.   This course will introduce the student to the rationale and practical considerations for crisis response, as well as different types of crises that they may encounter, from a Christian perspective.

Module 1 –  Introduction to Crisis Counseling
Module 2 – Ethic, Self Care, & Logistical Considerations
Module 3 – Finding Stability after Traumatic Death
Module 4 – Children in Crisis & Post Traumatic Stress
Module 5 – Spiritual & Theological Perspectives on Crisis