Crisis Response 2.0 (On Demand Videos)

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There are 3 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

Crisis Response 2.0 will help counselors discover ways to assist clients who are dealing with acute stress response, how it impacts them during and immediately following a crisis situation and key components to recovery.


CR101 Crisis Response 101

This lesson offers a basic introduction to psychological first aid, and will address the acute stress response and how it impacts people during and immediately following a crisis situation, and why support in the aftermath can aid in recovery.

CR102 Foundations of Crisis Intervention: Ministry of Presence and Restoration of Safety


Crisis disrupts the psychological homeostasis. This lesson reviews two, key components to recovery. The essential element of “ministry of presence” is discussed, along with ways to restore a sense of safety.

CR103 Support and Recovery


This lesson offers a brief overview of some elements of crisis intervention, both short-term and long term. Emphasis is placed on assessment, processing, and social support.

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