Caring For Teens God’s Way


Are you currently ministering, or have a desire to minister, to today’s teens? In a nation that claims to be very dedicated to teens, we find that they are one of our most underserved populations. And with the exception of those few adults who really care about today’s teens, they have no advocate. If you feel called by God to make a difference in the lives of teens around you, let us help you help them through Caring for Teens God’s Way. Featuring 30 cutting-edge lectures from some of the world’s best counseling experts, Caring for Teens God’s Way is designed to help us create an “army of leaders” who love and effectively care for teens.

Caring for Teens God's Way

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There are 30 Continuing Education Units included with this course.

Caring for Teens God’s Way is designed to create an “army of leaders” who love and effectively care for teens in settings such as homes, counseling centers, churches, communities and more. Featuring 30 cutting-edge lectures from some of the world’s best counseling experts, this course helps provide advocates for one of the most underserved populations.


Target Audience: Pastoral and Biblical Counselors


Continuing Education

30 CE Credits available for IBCC Credential Holders.

The International Board of Christian Care (IBCC) is a growing, vibrant, and recognized segment of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is open to all qualified mental health professionals, pastors, chaplains, para-professionals, and lay counseling ministry leaders who identify themselves as Christian counselors, life coaches, and crisis responders.

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Unit 1

Understanding Teens and Their World

TECO 101: The Wired Generation: iPods, Internet, Games, MySpace and More
Presented by Chap Clark, Ph.D.

Today’s youth are truly at home in the cyberworld of modern electronica. Chap Clark helps explain that world to pre-wired generations and what is similar and different about that world from all that has come before it.

TECO 102: Peer Pressure: Making Wise Decisions When It Counts
Presented by Ron Luce, M.A.

Peer pressure has always been a reality, a function of transferring commitments from parents and family to one’s social group. Ron reveals the good and the bad of it and how to use peer pressure for coming into relationship with Christ.

TECO 103: Everything is Changing: Hormones, Body, and Brain Development
Presented by Glen Havens, M.D.

The knowledge we have gained in the past generation about our biological selves is enormous. These two dedicated psychiatrists help us navigate this otherwise overwhelming database by giving us the essentials for understanding the biology of youth, and for recognizing and referring for help when that biology is not properly working.

TECO 104: Pushed to the Limits: Balancing Rules, Relationship and Respect
Presented by Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

Teenagers today are doubly challenged—confused about how to respect and apply the rules to modern relationships—like we all were when we were teens—but also in knowing what the rules are in today’s post-modern confusion.

TECO 105: When Kids Go Bad: Dealing with Anger, Defiance and Rebellion
Presented by Gary Sibcy, Ph.D.

Tragically, some kids miss achieving the critical challenges of identity, relationship, and citizenship in this turbulent world. Living and working with such teens is a huge challenge and drain our time and resources if we don’t know what to do to properly help.

TECO 106: Connecting with Today’s Teens: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk
Presented by Chap Clark, Ph.D.

Ministry is about connecting, and connecting with teenagers is an artful skill—something we can learn and practice until we become skilled at it. Chap discusses the power of healthy communication with today’s teens and reveals both what to talk about and how best to do it.

Unit 2

Faith and Life

TECO 201: Lonely Teens and Broken Relationships
Presented by Ron Luce, M.A.

Brokenness is a big theme in the social life of today’s youth—broken families, broken friendships, broken love relationships. Yet brokenness is also a theme in God’s love toward us, and Ron reveals how brokenness can be transformed by God into something good.

TECO 202: Starving for Relationships: Attachment Wounds and Love Hunger
Presented by Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

Today’s teens are starving for relationships like never before, and often due to the fear flowing out of the attachment wounds they carry out of too many broken modern families. Tim will help us navigate through these bloody seas by showing us how to meet the love hunger of today’s youth.

TECO 203: Life on the Dark Side: Evil, Sin, Cults and the Occult
Presented by Steve Russo, M.A.

The number and depth of brokenness in today’s family life has made far too many teens coming out of them susceptible to cults—and occult practices. Steve Russo shows us how to reach someone trapped in the snares of this evil and how to inoculate at-risk teens so they don’t fall to these dark ways.

TECO 204: Can You See Me?: The Teenage Search for Significance, Identity and Self Worth
Presented by Sharon Hart May, Ph.D.

The identity challenge of all teens is a function of exploring and coming to a place of knowing, in substantial part, who I am and that I am someone of significance and worth. Sharon shows how to facilitate the best answers to this critical teenaged journey.

TECO 205: Strong Fathers/ Strong Sons and Daughters
Presented by David Stoop, Ph.D.

No matter what the secular world promotes, there is no substitute for strong fathers in a two-gender parent system. Dr. Stoop takes us on a journey that reveals the strength—and the lack of it—that good dads create in the modern family.

TECO 206: Strong Mothers/ Strong Sons and Daughters
Presented by Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

Likewise, there is no substitute for strong mothers in a two-gender parent family. Linda reveals the characteristics of strong and loving moms and how that produces good and healthy children and teens today.

Unit 3

Love, Sex and Relationships

TECO 301: Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Hanging Out and Hooking Up
Presented by Joshua Straub, Ph.D. and Michelle McKinney Hammond

Today’s youth are overwhelmed by serious commitment, so relationships are very casual—casual friends, casual times, and casual sex are all part of the milieu. Josh and Michelle explore this ‘hanging out and hooking up’ culture and show how to penetrate it with serious truth.

TECO 302: Technical Virginity: Knowing and Setting Boundaries
Presented by Erica Tan, Psy.D.; Michael Todd Wilson, M.S.; Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.; and David Hall, M.A.

Smart teens can be the craftiest little legalists you’ll ever find—much quicker to defend and justify than any parent. This can be deadly for the technical virgin—justifying oral sex while eschewing intercourse. Erica, Michael, Doug and David help us help such teens by showing how wise and grace-full boundary setting is done instead of that based of a legalistic and deadly orientation.

TECO 303: Sexual Acting Out: Safe Sex, STDs and Sexual Orientation
Presented by Erica Tan, Psy.D.; Michael Todd Wilson, M.S.; Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.; and David Hall, M.A.

Getting pregnant and parenting babies are still a badge of honor for some youth, while all pregnancies face the question of abortion today. Dr Chironna explores these issues and shows how modern youth can deal with it biblically.

TECO 304: Teen Abortion, Parenting and Adoption: Trends, Issues, and Challenges
Presented by Mark Chironna, Ph.D.

Suicidal ideation and/or attempts can be a serious by-product of traumatic stress and the inability to cope. Dr. Ellers discusses relevant and precipitating factors along with specific warning signs. An intervention protocol is provided to assist caregivers is recognizing an impending attempt and how to engage appropriate care and support.

TECO 305: Caught in the Middle: Teens and Divorce
Presented by Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.

While divorce trends have leveled off for the past 10 years, it is still a sober fact that one in every two marriages ends in divorce. If today’s teens are not directly affected by their parents’ divorce, they know someone close who is. Tom discusses the impact of divorce on youth today and reveals how best to cope with it.

TECO 306: Dating Dangers: Violence and Sexual Assault in Teen Relationships
Presented by Leslie Vernick, MSW and Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.

National headlines are filled with stories of date rape, violence, stalking, Internet predators and abuse. Our teens are facing dangers in relationships unlike previous generations. Leslie Vernick and Jennifer Cisney help to build awareness of the dangers facing our teens and give guidelines for talking with teens about protecting themselves and spotting the signs of a potentially dangerous relationship.

Unit 4

Teens in Crisis

TECO 401: Moody: Teen Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Presented by Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

Stress, anxiety, and moodiness are quickly becoming the rule, not the exception, among today’s youth. Catherine explores why this is so and what to do to help teenagers who struggle with these increasingly common maladies.

TECO 402: Walking the Thin Line: Health, Diets and Eating Disorders
Presented by Marian Eberly, Ph.D.

In a culture that worships perfect, thin bodies, today’s youth are caught up in this perfectionistic expression like never before. Marian explores these dynamics and shows us how to intervene to prevent and treat those who suffer this way.

TECO 403: School Problems and Learning Disabilities
Presented by Georgia Shaffer, M.A.

Schools today are teaching demand much more than strict education, as the effects of personal strife and family break-up are brought into the school like never before. Georgia addresses the issues of learning disabilities and behavioral problems in the schools, and shows us what to do with these growing school problems today.

TECO 404: Getting Buzzed: Winning the Alcohol and Substance Abuse War
Presented by Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D. and Chap Clark, Ph.D.

Teen drug use has become highly secretive and sophisticated, and involves a pharmacopia of substances of which previous generations had only limited availability. Chap and Catherine help us navigate this besotted world and show us how to help youth trapped in its snare.

TECO 405: High Risk Males
Presented by Ed Maynard, Ph.D.

Males at high risk for illicit sex and drug use show a variety of defining characteristics and personality traits that put them at risk. Ed reveals these patterns and shows us how to intervene to help young males walk a better path.

TECO 406: High Risk Females
Presented by Marnie Farree, M.A., LMFT

Females at high risk for illicit sex and drug use also show a variety of defining characteristics and personality traits that put them at risk. Marnie reveals these patterns as well, and shows us how to intervene to help young females avoid trouble and cope with it.

Unit 5

Challenging Issues

Presented by Glen Havens, M.D.

Attention Deficit Disorder is becoming all too common a modern malady of American children. Glen describes the problem and shows us the best ways to treat it—ways that balance both behavioral and psychiatric approaches.

TECO 502: Hazing, Violence, Gangs and Inner City Risks
Presented by Jorge Prado

Inner city youth are beset by unique issues that are rare outside big city life. Jorge tours these hazards and reveals how to reach inner city youth in a relevant and helpful way.

TECO 503: Triage Counseling: Building Parents’ and Teens’ Faith
Presented by Saraq Trollinger, M.A.

Instead of cults and the Occult, the hunger of family brokenness can just as well motivate youth to seek out God. Sara shows us how to reach needy teens with a modern day faith, one that meets the deepest thirsts that only God can quench.

TECO 504: Facing Major Decisions: College, Work and Marriage
Presented by Joshua Straub, Ph.D. and Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.

Young people are beset by the major decisions that we all faced at that age—where to go to college, what to do vocationally, and who to marry? Josh and Jennifer explore these decisions and a way to approach them successfully.

TECO 505: Teen Self-Injury: Self-Mutilation and Cutting
Presented by Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

Self-mutilation and cutting are becoming endemic with conflicted youth. Linda reveals the story of teen self-injury, what it means, and what to do to treat and help teens caught up in this dangerous behavior.

TECO 506: Teen Suicide: Issues and Intervention
Presented by Glen Havens, M.D.; George Ohlschlager, J.D.; and Jim Nelms

Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death of American youth today. Glen, Jim and George discuss why this is so, and what to do to intervene to prevent death among suicidal youth.