Caring for People God’s Way Unit 3



Unit three of Caring for People God’s Way emphasizes how to work with married couples and families. This unit is designed to help counselors and caregivers provide truth, hope, and guidance to clients in difficult relationships.

Course Lessons

Unit 3: Marriage and Family

  • BCOU 301: Marriage: Keeping Love Alive

    Marriage should be the most fulfilling human relationship a man and woman will ever experience. Sadly, the opposite is sometimes true, especially when the union begins to fracture and break apart. This session addresses factors that both diminish and strengthen passion, commitment and love within a marriage. A detailed description of detrimental influences that lead to divorce is also given.

  • BCOU 302: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Foundation

    Sex is frequently viewed as a taboo subject within the church, but God created sexuality and physical intimacy within marriage to reflect His image. This enlightening lesson unfolds a biblical theology regarding God’s glorious and incredible gift of sexuality, including an understanding of the intimate, creative Trinity. How to cultivate and celebrate healthy sexuality and a more passionate love life in marriage are also discussed.

  • BCOU 303: Addiction and Recovery

    Substance use disorders, along with behavioral and process addictions, are at near epidemic levels in the United States. This session unpacks the fundamental dynamics of addiction including unmet needs, categories of addiction, classes of drugs and chemicals, neurobiology, stages of addiction and common factors. The recovery and restoration process is also explored from a biblical perspective.

  • BCOU 304: How Couples Lose at Love: Disaffection in Marriage

    All marriages will go through times of disaffection when spouses may feel distant from one another. The problems themselves may not be the real issue, but how they are attended to often determines the future health of the marital relationship. This session discusses the Cycle of Disaffection, how to break free from its influence and the need for safety, forgiveness and grace in the marriage.

  • BCOU 305: Hope-focused Marriage Counseling

    When a marriage is in crisis, sometimes it becomes difficult to have any confidence things will ever get better. Some couples feel so hopeless they conclude there are no real solutions except divorce…giving up when the marriage could be saved. This session helps lead troubled and frustrated couples down a path toward promise and restoration. With fresh hope, new strategies can be developed.

  • BCOU 306: Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again

    The United States still has one of the highest divorce rates in the industrialized world, impacting marriages both inside and outside the Church. The effects on family members, friends and finances can last a lifetime. This session addresses the pain of divorce, how to compassionately assist individuals who are walking down that road and the steps needed to regain hope for the future.

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