Caring for People God’s Way Unit 2



Unit two of Caring for People God’s Way is designed to help counselors and caregivers gain a deeper understanding of how to help people change their hearts. This unit focuses on faith and life, and tackles issues such as forgiveness, repentance, spiritual disciplines, and more.

Course Lessons

Unit 2: Faith and Life

  • BCOU 201: The Effective People Helper

    Transformational helping involves both a calling from God and the requisite skills. This session describes a model of Christian counseling from understanding the human condition to essential counseling skills. Cognitive components include seeing the world through God’s eyes and basic principles of biblical people helping. Behavioral components include a sense of orientation for counselors and clients, as well as expressing Godly character and virtues.

  • BCOU 202: Bringing People into God’s Presence

    Before real help is offered that has a biblical and Christ-centered foundation, caregivers must first understand who God is, His nature and the awesome power He can provide in the life of both the counselor and the counselee. This session shares how to value and rely on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in counseling ministry so that others can be led toward freedom and renewal.

  • BCOU 203: How to Help People Change

    Counselors not only need to know what to do in a session, but also how to accomplish identified goals. This session describes six essential ingredients related to change including safety, emotional containment and enhancement, client education, restructuring, and engagement. It explores concepts that need to be addressed from the counselor’s perspective and articulates the spiritual components of helping people change.

  • BCOU 204: Heart Matters: Repentance and Godly Sorrow

    No matter what technique used by counselors to help people change, healing often begins with a change of heart. Whether confronting an addiction, bad habits, the aftermath of an affair, or other destructive behaviors, there is no substitute for true repentance and godly sorrow. The dynamics and powerful freedom associated with an authentic turning of the heart are examined from a practical standpoint.

  • BCOU 205: Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Past and Pain

    Some people are enslaved to their past and its pain. They burn with anger, resentment, even bitterness, and cannot seem to forgive or let go. As a challenging issue in everyday life, this session describes why forgiveness is essential to a healing dynamic and how current problems may result from a lack of forgiveness. Insights are given on how to encourage clients to forgive using practical steps.

  • BCOU 206: The Spiritual Disciplines in Counseling

    Christian counseling often incorporates one or more of the spiritual disciplines such as prayer and inner healing prayer, the use of Scripture, silence and solitude, confession, and forgiveness. Additionally, authentic disciplines or circumstantial spiritual disciplines including waiting, suffering, persecution, and mourning are examined, along with several precautions and appropriate ethical guidelines.

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