BICO 110: Breaking Free


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


Attending to the needs and issues of hurting people today is complex and, at times, overwhelming. As today’s generations search for purpose, meaning, and value, many are experiencing a pervasive sense of emptiness and loneliness.  Breaking Free is designed to equip pastors, clinicians, physicians, and lay helpers become more aware of current trends and issues in counseling, deliver cutting-edge services and offer timely resources — all designed to help increase your counseling effectiveness.


Module 1 – Foundations of Spiritual Care, Discipline, and Godly Living

Module 2 – Helping Process, Skills, and Working with Tough Cases

Module 3 – Applications in Mood Change, Medicine, and Addictions

Module 4 – Applications in Crisis Care and Relationships

Module 5 –The Ethics of Care and Helping Ministry in the Church