ARCO 502: Chemical Dependency, Neurobiology, & Addiction


NOTE: This is an Light Online University Module On Demand Videos Course.


Addiction is rampant in modern society, yet is often thought of only in the context of illicit drugs.  However, addiction goes far deeper than that.  In this course, the biological, chemical, and neurological roots and effects of addiction are examined, as well as several of the most commonly abused drugs.  The student will gain a greater awareness of the potential addictions that may be encountered, the devastating results of addiction, and ways to help those suffering from addictions.

Module 1 –  Chemical Addiction and its Biological Aspects
Module 2 – Depressants
Module 3 – Dangers Lurking in Every Family
Module 4 – Stimulants and Hallucinogenics
Module 5 – Inhalents