Dear Colleague:

No WORD brings more alarm, fear, pain or concern than SUICIDE….

A comprehensive and biblically-based training program to identify and help those who are contemplating suicide is now a reality! The Suicide “PAIR” Certification Program, developed through Light University and the American Association of Christian Counselors, brings together some of the world’s foremost counseling experts.

This innovative curriculum offers what you need to incorporate effective prevention and intervention strategies for your practice or ministry! Cutting-edge techniques include the SAFE-T method and are designed to help educate and equip you to

  • More accurately and effectively assess suicide risk
  • Create intervention strategies
  • Help establish policies and procedures
  • Offer systemic and best-practice approaches
  • Understand legal and ethical principles
  • Become aware of, and provide consideration to, those with serious suicidal behavior, as well as those who struggle with chronic suicidal ideation


To me, the Suicide “PAIR” Certification program is one of the most significant programs we have ever put together!

No matter your role—seasoned clinician, pastor, school teacher, youth worker, medical professional, law enforcement officer, college administrator or student in training—learning and utilizing a systematic and sequential process for evaluating suicide risk in those you work with can help save lives and provide a buffer against malpractice suits.

It is without a doubt one of counseling’s most difficult issues to address….

This course includes 12 lessons, complete with comprehensive text and exams. We have included two bonus lessons specifically for ministry leaders, educators, coaches and more.


Course Text: Suicide