This course is designed to equip counselors to help their clients lead meaningful and spiritually rewarding lives. Positive Psychology and Soul Care 2.0 focuses on helping people to flourish in their relationships, work and home environments, and their relationships with God.

Turn Your Love Around 2.0 offers counselors insight and information into navigating disaffection, common communication issues, and marital conflict. This course will help caregivers work with clients who are struggling in their relationships as listeners explore how to help couples come out of the pain and develop a health marriage.

Christian Counseling 2.0 offers contemporary insights, thoughts and trends on Christian counseling that are biblically-based, clinically-excellent and theologically-sound. This course is designed to equip counselors to better understand and serve those they counsel, especially those who assist in reaching out with God’s love and care.

This course is designed to help counselors more effectively help those who are struggling with anxiety and depression. This course not only addresses the spectrum of disorders from both a medical and clinical perspective, but also explores the exciting new world of interpersonal neurobiology.

This course is designed to meet the growing demand for specialization in the field, as well as foster trust and confidence among referral sources and within the local church. This 3-hour, DVD-based program seeks to help the counselor more effectively use the Bible when serving those who are hurting.

Ethics and Risk Management 2.0 addresses important risk management, dual relationships and suicide assessment—issues that represent significant challenges for most every counselor and counseling ministries. This program includes three video lectures on DVD. Our goal is to help you offer more effective Christ-centered care and counsel.