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Do I need to enroll in a school or program?

No. We are very excited about our online diploma and certification programs but we realize that there are a variety of needs out there in the professional community and amongst lay leaders who may just want some of our excellent training resources and continuing education credits.

What are the costs for the online program?

Our fee structure for the 5-week Instructor-led online courses is simple and straight forward. Each course costs on average $800 (Call for scholarship information - 1-877-506-5848) and there is a $25 application fee to start your enrollment process. You will be assigned a Light U Online admissions coach to help you with your next steps. There are a variety of scholarships available through AACC, Light University, Shine the Light, and even the local churches.  Please contact the Admissions Office at Light University Online to learn about available scholarships.  If you ever need to request a transcript that does carry a $10 fee, but there are no other costs. No hidden costs!

Are there programs flexible enough to fit my busy schedule, and how?

Definitely! Light University offers a wide variety of training programs in a wide array of formats that will equip you to be more effective in caring for others. We have 5 week, instructor-led wholly online courses. With our online programs, there are no specific log-in times within the course itself, so you have the flexibility and convenience of studying when and where you want. 

Can my spouse enroll with me and is there a discount?

Yes. A spouse discount of 50% of tuition is available. One spouse pays full tuition and the other spouse will receive the 50% spouse discount. To qualify, the husband and wife must enroll in the same course(s) in the same term(s), and must remain in good academic standing with the university. This discount only applies to tuition. You must contact your Light University Coach to enact the discount.

Are there admissions deadlines?

Not for the various individual courses as well as our coming On-Demand programs. For the 5-week Online Diploma programs please refer to the academic calendar (www.LightUniversity.com/calendar).

Are there admissions requirements?

No! Our purpose is to train and equip caregivers of all kinds and the only requirement is a heart to serve.

Is Light University an accredited institution?

Light University is not regionally accredited, but holds to the highest academic standards in the development and delivery of its curriculum. Going back to college is not for everyone, and you need to carefully consider whether committing the time and money to earn or finish your degree is really what you need to do at this stage of your life. For some it is, but for others Light University’s academically-sound, clinically-excellent, and distinctively-Christian programs—which are accelerated and affordable—are a much better fit and exactly what they need at the present time. If you are interested in college credit, our courses are available for prior learning credit through Liberty University- Click Here. Our programs are also recognized for continuing education (CE) with the APA (American Psychological Association), NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors), and the BCPPC (Board of Certified Professional and Pastoral Counselors).

What type of credentialing is available and why is that important?

The AACC is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to offer continuing education for psychologists. The AACC is a co-sponsor of this training curriculum and a National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEPTM). The AACC may award NBCC approved clock hours for events or programs that meet NBCC requirements. The AACC maintains responsibility for the content of this training curriculum, which also meets the qualifications for continuing education credit for MFTs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Science (#3552). The AACC offers continuing education credit for play therapists through the Association for Play Therapy (APT Approved Provider #14-373), so long as the training element is specifically applicable to the practice of play therapy.


It remains the responsibility of each individual to be aware of his/her state licensure and Continuing Education requirements. A letter certifying participation will be mailed to those individuals who submit a Continuing Education request and have successfully completed all course requirements.

How quickly can I complete a program?

It depends on your program of study. For example, you can earn an Advanced Certificate in a little over two months or an Advanced Diploma in as little as six months.

Will my credits from previous schools transfer into Light University?

At this present time, based on our unique program offerings, we do not accept transfer credit.

Once I finish the requirements for my program when can I expect to receive my diploma?

Light University confers certificates and diplomas at the end of each quarter.  For example, if you finish your program of study in February, your certificate or diploma will be conferred the first of April.  We mail diplomas and certificates approximately two weeks after the end of the quarter.

Does Light University hold graduation ceremonies?

Yes. Every two years, in conjunction with the American Association of Christian Counselors’ World Conference, we hold commencement exercises for our students who are interested in participating. If interested, your Light University Coach will help you fill out the necessary graduation paperwork to secure your spot.

Are there textbooks required for these courses?

No, although some of the curriculum requires supplemental or suggested readings.

How can I view my grades?

The best way is through Student Connect. If you need assistance with your username and password for Student Connection, please contact your Light University Coach for assistance.

Where can I get assistance logging in to my online course(s)?

Your Light University Coach can assist you.

Can I get transcripts?

Official transcripts may be obtained by filling out a transcript request form, submitting it to the Records Office or your Light University Coach, and paying a $10 fee per transcript.

How do I contact my faculty facilitator?

One of the great benefits to our programs is that each class you take will have a faculty facilitator. This individual is responsible for your success in the online classroom. He or she is a fully credentialed professional. Your facilitator’s preferred contact method will be listed in the virtual classroom. If you have trouble locating the syllabus for your course, please contact your Light University Coach.

Can I register for classes online?

Yes. A student can register for classes online through the Student Connection. In order to register for a class, students must enter into the “Secure” area of the site. For further assistance, students may contact their respective Academic Coach.

I forgot my password?

Your Light University Coach can assist you.

What classes should I register for and what happens if I have to cancel?

Your Light University Coach will give you guidance regarding the proper sequence you should take classes and can help you enroll or transition into other Light programs or courses. You should visit with your Coach prior to cancelling a class and should always be aware of the term drop and refund dates.

What is the difference between each of the programs?

While each program is focused on the fields of biblical counseling, life coaching and caregiving, the Advanced Certificate programs reflects an emphasis on general caregiving or life coaching in personal ministry. Our Diploma Programs have a more detailed focus on issues facing individuals and families today, and how to deal with each one. The Advanced and Masters Diploma programs provide an extensive and customized learning experience to specific fields of interest and further prepare students for counseling ministry, life coaching and additional credentialing.

Do I need a college degree to study at Light University Online?

The current programs at Light University Online do not require students to have completed a college degree or matriculated to a post-secondary institution.